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Appletree gives you more freedom to choose when and where you see a doctor. Whether you walk into one of our Medical Centres, or connect via Virtual Care from the comfort of your home, you will receive excellent care from one of Ontario’s largest networks of physicians and specialists. For same-day medical care or ongoing comprehensive care, Appletree Medical Group is your community’s complete health destination.


Unlike other clinics, Appletree offers you more ways to connect with our doctors. Visit our doctors in-clinic at any one of our locations, or virtually from the comfort of your home or office.


Appletree physicians are networked, meaning your medical records are accessible no matter how you choose to see our doctors, whether in-clinic or virtually. It’s an efficient way to ensure continuity of your care.


We offer more than just walk-in services. Our network of family physicians and specialists provide expertise across many disciplines, while our health care programs help you manage a variety of medical conditions.

About Appletree

I need to see a Doctor today.

Appletree Medical Clinics offer walk-in services for your immediate medical needs. Walk-in services are available at all of our locations and offered by Appletree physicians. Just find your nearest clinic, check wait times and walk in for an assesment.

  • Same-day medical care, when you need an immediate medical opinion.
  • Perfect for those who need to see a doctor today.
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Can’t visit us in person? Choose Virtual Care.

Healthcare is now at your fingertips! Connect to an Appletree Doctor via phone or video and use the service for free with your OHIP card.  A Virtual Care visit is just like a regular doctor’s visit, only you will be speaking with a doctor online through your computer or smartphone.

  • Accessible care for anyone who is on the go, patients with limited mobility or anyone who prefers the flexibility to be seen by a doctor from their office or home.
  • Ideal for simple symptoms that may not need to be examined in person.
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I need a Family Doctor.

Appletree Medical Group’s family physicians provide comprehensive care for patients of all ages. With digital access to your chart from any location in the city, our on-duty family physicians can ensure continuity of care no matter which location you choose to visit.

  • Perfect for patients focused on finding ongoing comprehensive care.
  • Family Medicine services are available to OHIP, Québec residents, out-of-province and out-of country patients. We welcome all patients in need of medical care.
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Is telemedicine for me?

Telemedicine connects you, through video, to a doctor in real time.

Your visit happens at an Appletree location, and a highly-trained medical assistant will be present in-person to assist you. You will be able to see, hear, and talk to a doctor, just as you would at a normal visit—they’ll just be on a screen.

  • Ideal for quicker cases, for example, when you need a prescription.
  • Not ideal when your symptoms may need to be examined in person.
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Healthcare Programs

We offer several specialty Programs that cover a range of common health concerns such as Allergies, Acne, Travel Medicine, Plantar Warts or Diabetes. As an Appletree patient, you may book a Program appointment in one of several convenient ways: in person at the clinic, over the phone, or through our Patient Portal.

  • Ideal for patients with prolonged symptoms.
  • All clinics offer specialty programs so you can receive ongoing medical treatment close to your home.
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Looking for a Specialist?

When you have a condition that requires specific expertise, a family physician may refer you to a doctor who specializes in that field for diagnosis and treatment. If you would like to see a specialist, speak to a Appletree family physician about getting a referral.

  • When your condition needs knowledge in a specific field of medicine.
  • Dermatology, Gynecology and Internal Medicine are among the many specialties offered at Appletree.
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