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941 Progress Ave (Centennial College)
Toronto, ON M1G 3T8

Phone # (647) 722-2370

Central Fax # (647) 490-6330

Current Wait Time: Closed

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About Appletree Telemedicine Clinic located at Centennial College on Progress Ave., Scarborough, ON

***CLINIC CLOSURE NOTICE*** Please note that our clinic will be temporarily closed until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience and invite you to visit us via Virtual Care or another Appletree Medical Centre. 

We are conveniently located inside Centennial College on the 2nd floor of the Athletic and Wellness Centre (AWC). Centennial College is located near the intersection of Progress Ave and Markham Rd in Scarborough, Ontario. When you arrive, check in at the AWC’s main floor guest services desk to let them know you are visiting the clinic, then head upstairs. Register using the self-registration kiosk on the wall just outside then head inside to make yourself comfortable in the new waiting room.

Doctor available via Telemedicine
Patients Ages 4+

What is Telemedicine?

A Telemedicine visit is just like a regular visit with a doctor, only you will connect with the doctor via video consultation. A medically-trained Telemedicine Assistant will provide on-site intake services and will ask you some preliminary questions to prepare you for the video consultation with the doctor. Once ready, the Telemedicine Assistant will connect you with the doctor and your private and confidential consultation will begin with both health care professionals present in the exam room.

When to visit the clinic?

Not all conditions can be seen via Telemedicine. To ensure we can meet your medical needs, please review our list of eligible Telemedicine services prior to your visit:

Eligible Telemedicine Medical Services

! Do not go to the Appletree Telemedicine Clinic for a medical emergency. Call 911.

Prepare for your visit

Each time you visit us, please bring a list of all medications you are taking. Plus, here are some quick tips for our students:

Ontario Residents

Please bring your Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) card. If you have the OHIP card without a photo, please bring a card with photo identification.

International Students

Please bring your insurance card, along with photo identification (e.g., passport) for identity verification. Please also bring a means of payment should there be additional costs.

Out-of-province Students

Please bring photo identification and a means of payment.

Appointment Cost

As part of the province’s telehealth program, Ontario residents’ telemedicine appointments are covered for by the OHIP as long as you have your OHIP card with you.

If you are not covered by OHIP, the cost is $75. Most private health benefits will either cover the cost upfront or reimburse you for the visit. Out-of-province Canadians can contact their provincial health care office for possible reimbursement. Policies vary by province.

International Students

Provided you have your insurance card and photo identification, the Telemedicine Clinic can charge directly for covered expenses. Please bring an additional means of payment for any costs not directly covered.

For more information about this location, please visit Centennial College’s website.

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