Aviation Medicals

What You Need to Know About Aviation Medicals

Canadian pilots and air traffic controllers must have an aviation medical exam to work in Canadian or FAA-regulated air spaces. This exam can only be provided by physicians who are authorized by Transport Canada and able to determine fitness to fly.

What is an Aviation Medical Fitness Exam?

During this appointment, a Civil Aviation Medical Examination Report will be completed as well as routine tests such as an eye exam (optometry exam), a hearing test (audiogram), height & weight measurements, and blood pressure. An Electrocardiogram may also be required and you may be provided with a requisition for this test.

How Can I Access This Service?

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This service is available at our Appletree Medical Centre located at 225 Preston Street.

Cost: $250

Prepare For Your Visit

The type of license or permit you hold, whether you are issuing or re-issuing and your age will determine the need for an ECG. Prior to your appointment with our Aviation Medical specialist, please proceed with the ECG test and the results will be reviewed with you during the appointment.

Step 1: Do I need to require an ECG?

Click below to determine whether you should require an ECG prior to booking an appointment with our Aviation Medicals specialist.

Do I need an ECG Test?

Step 2: Print ECG Requisition

Click below to print our Pre-Filled ECG Requisition and visit a lab near you to have the test.
If required, proceed with the ECG 5 days prior to booking your Aviation Medicals appointment with our doctor.

Print ECG Requisition

Our Doctors

Dr. Steven Cooper offers Civil Aviation Medical Exams at our 225 Preston Street location.  Dr. Cooper is a certified Civil Aviation Medical Examiner (CAME) authorized by Transport Canada to provide this service. He provides in-person services and renewals for all aviation licenses (Category 1, 2, 3 and 4).

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