Psychotherapy & Counseling

What is Psychotherapy & Counseling?

Psychotherapy is a form of therapy to help individuals, couples or families improve and maintain their mental health.

What can be treated at Appletree?

At Appletree in Toronto, our psychotherapists and social workers are available to provide counseling or support to individuals, couples or families with mental health related issues.

How can I access this service?

This service is available in-person and via Virtual Care in the Toronto region. You do not need a referral to see our counsellor to book an appointment. Please note that OHIP does not cover these services are not covered by OHIP, but most private insurance plans provide reimbursement for at least a portion of this service.

How Can I Access This Service?

This service is available without a referral from a family physician.


This service is available by appointment at select Appletree Medical Centres.

Patient Portal

Virtual Care

Meet with our mental health providers via Appletree Virtual Care.

Virtual Care

Appletree Psychotherapists

Radinka Jeyathas

Registered Social Worker & Psychotherapist

Punita Manharon

Registered Social Worker & Psychotherapist

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