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We’re simplyfing access to vaccination and making it easier than ever to ask a Doctor whether you are at risk of HPV infection, and how to protect yourself against it. Appletree Virtual Care connects you to a licensed Canadian doctor via video, and your prescription will be sent electronically to your clinic or pharmacy.

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Appletree Virtual Care is covered under the Ontario OHIP Program.

How It Works

Connect with an experienced licensed Appletree physician from anywhere in Ontario and discuss your concerns about HPV.

Step 1: Book Your Visit

Pick a date and time that suits your schedule; Appletree physicians are available online 7 days a week.

Step 2: Create Account

Add your OHIP card number when creating your account;  Ontarians with valid coverage can book a free visit.

Step 3: Medical Survey

Complete our secure and private Medical Intake Survey to help our doctor get a comprehensive look at your medical history.

Step 4: Check-In

At the time of your appointment, click on the link provided to you via email or text and complete your online check-in.

Step 5: Virtual Visit

Start your Virtual Care Appointment to chat about HPV risks, symptoms and treatments and how you may protect yourself.

Step 6: Get Vaccinated

If necessary, you’ll be able to pick-up your vaccine and get vaccinated at an Appletree Medical Centre near you.

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Virtual Care - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for the HPV Virtual Care appointment?

Virtual Care services are covered under the OHIP program for all Ontarians with valid OHIP health card through a pilot project with Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN). When creating your profile for your Virtual Care appointment, you will be asked to provide your OHIP card number and version code.

Those without OHIP coverage will be asked to pay for the visit. Standard service fees are available as you book your appointment and may be eligible for reimbursement by most company benefit plans. Fees are listed on our appointment booking site and clearly communicated to you prior to booking your visit.

Are the appointments with Doctors or Nurses?

You will be seeing a doctor through Virtual Care. Both Family Physicians and Specialists are available. These physicians are part of the Appletree network and are fully licenced to practice medicine in Canada.

After the visit, will I have access to the details of my visit?

Your medical assessment and plan as noted by the doctor during your visit will be documented in Appletree’s electronic medical record software. You will be able to access these records via our Patient Portal or at any subsequent Virtual Care visits or in-person visits to an Appletree Medical Centre. 

How do I get a prescription for vaccination against HPV?

If you require a prescription for HPV, the Appletree physician connecting with you via Virtual Care can automatically fax your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice or email the document directly to you, you choose.

Will my insurance reimburse me for the cost of the HPV vaccine?

Insurance plans are individual to each patient.  You can check your individual coverage by calling your insurance company and providing them with the DIN (Drug Insurance Number).  They will be able to tell you how much you can expect to receive.

Gardasil 9: 02437058
Cervarix: 02342227

About Gardasil9

About Cervarix

I have another question about Virtual Care.

Virtual Care allows you to get treatment and medical advice for many conditions in addition to HPV. If you would like to learn more about HPV or if we have not answered your questions on this page, visit our main Virtual Care page.

Take The Necessary Steps To Protect Yourself Against HPV

Appletree offers various ways for your to connect with a doctor and receive medical advice regarding HPV and available vaccination.

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