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Consult our list of frequently asked questions to find answers on what Virtual Care is and how to use it.

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Learn More About Virtual Care l FAQs

Can any medical condition or symptom be assessed and treated via Virtual Care?

The short answer is no. In fact, there are several medical conditions that are not appropriate for Virtual Care visits. Click here for a complete list of eligible conditions and symptoms that can be assessed virtually.

If you are unsure whether your condition is best assessed in person or virtually, you may book a Virtual Care appointment and select “Do I need to come in?”. This way, the doctor will dedicate time during the appointment to help you select the best type of care for your condition.

Can I choose any doctor to provide care for my condition?

Yes. When you book your appointment and select the reason for your visit, you will see a list of available doctors offering the service you require for your preferred appointment date and time. Not all Appletree doctors provide all virtual care services available.

Can I get a prescription via Virtual Care?

Yes! Your prescription may be emailed to you or can also be faxed automatically to the pharmacy of your choice. When booking your appointment, you can provide your preferred pharmacy’s name and fax number.

We do not prescribe narcotics via Virtual Care. Appletree physicians cannot prescribe narcotics or addictive medications to patients who are not their own or for whom they will not be personally following up. Physicians will not provide prescriptions for narcotics or addictive medications to patients of other physicians, even those within our group.

Do I have to pay for a Virtual Care appointment?

Virtual Care services are covered under the OHIP program for all Ontarians with an OHIP health card. You will be asked to provide your OHIP card number and version code when booking your appointment.

Patients without OHIP coverage must pay for Virtual Care services. Standard service fees are charged and will be clearly communicated to you as you book your appointment. You may be eligible for reimbursement through your company, university benefit plans, or your home province.

My family doctor is not on Virtual Care. What am I supposed to do?

All Appletree doctors are connected and have access to patient charts on Virtual Care or in-clinic. Any Appletree doctor may consult your medical history to provide you with the best continuity of care at your next appointment. You do not need to always book with the same physician.

If you want to follow-up with a specific doctor or your family doctor and do not see his/her name on the list of available doctors, please contact us via phone so that we can consult their schedule and assist you with the booking.

Will I be able to see my results online or view medical information after my virtual visit with the doctor?

To view your test results

Following your virtual care visit, you will be able to access your test results from our Appletree Patient Portal. To access your current patient portal account or to register:


Medical Information

Your medical assessment and plan as noted by the doctor during your visit will be documented in Appletree’s electronic medical record software. You will be able to access these records at any subsequent Virtual Care or in-person visits at an Appletree Medical Centre.

Which device and internet may I use to connect to my appointment?

You can connect to your Virtual Care appointment using a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. 

We recommend choosing Chrome as your browser and high-speed internet for the best experience possible.

Download Chrome Here

Are phone appointments available?

Virtual Care appointments are offered via video conference only to provide you with the best possible care and experience.

What's the difference between Virtual Care and Patient Portal?

Appletree Patient Portal

Appletree Patient Portal allows you to monitor the status of your test results, book in-person appointments and keep track of your health. Our portal is free, convenient, and easy to use for patients who want more engagement with their healthcare.

patient portal

Appletree Virtual Care

Appletree Virtual Care allows you to connect with healthcare providers from the comfort of your home via videoconference.

Booking A Virtual Care Appointment | FAQs

I need help with booking my appointment.

Virtual Care appointments must be booked online. You must ensure that you have access to a computer or mobile device, an internet connection, and a valid email address. The entire process is conducted online, therefore you must feel comfortable using the technology or have the support of a friend or family member. Otherwise, please visit us in person at an Appletree Medical Centre.

Once you book online, you will receive an email confirmation. You will then be asked to answer a private, secure, and confidential medical questionnaire from the comfort of your home.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with our website or virtual care platform when booking, please complete the form below:

Virtual care support form

Can you book an appointment on my behalf?

Providing patients with flexible, comprehensive and accessible care is a priority for Appletree. Someone else’s best option for care is not necessarily the right for you. While Virtual Care is becoming very popular, you must ensure that you have access to the necessary tools and are capable of completing all the steps successfully.

I don’t have access to a computer or I don’t know how to use a computer.

In order for us to provide you with a successful virtual care experience, you must ensure to have access to a computer, feel that you are proficient enough to go through the process or have the necessary help in your circle of friends or family to complete the various steps required.

To book a video appointment, patients must be able to use the online booking tool, complete an online health questionnaire and connect virtually with the doctor. If you do not have access to a computer or are not proficient with the technology, we recommend that you ask for the support of a loved one or a friend. If this is not possible for you, Virtual Care might not be the right experience for you at this time. We recommend that you visit us in person at one of our Appletree Medical Centres. You can check our clinic locations, hours of operation, and wait time by clicking below:

Wait-times & Clinics

If you can and wish to book your appointment online and simply require some assistance during the booking process, please contact us by phone.

Do you accept private insurance and how do I book?

A variety of third-party or private insurances is accepted through our Virtual Care service. Currently, patients with CHIP, UHIP,  Morcare, Intrepid 24/7 and Guard.Me can see a doctor via Virtual Care. You will be asked to provide information about your insurance during the booking process.

How do I book, cancel or reschedule my Virtual Care appointment?

Booking an appointment:

All Virtual Care appointments must be booked online through our website. Whether it is your first time using our service or whether you have booked an appointment with us before, you must schedule a new appointment here:


If you want to cancel an appointment, you must click on the link provided via email after booking your appointment. 

Customer & Technical Support | FAQs

Something happened during my appointment and my video call was interrupted.

You can try to rejoin the visit, with the link that you were provided. If you are unable to connect with the doctor, you can complete the support form to reach out for assistance.

Virtual care support form


My pharmacy/I did not receive my Prescription, Requisition, Medical Note, or a Signature is missing from my visit. How do I get it?

We are sorry to hear that you did not receive the documents you require from your visit. In order to help you, we will need some information about your visit and the nature of the document(s) you require.

Step 1

Check your email’s junk folder. See if the documents are in your junk and allow any emails from Appletree to reach your main inbox.

Step 2

Please complete the form below to receive support on this issue:

Virtual care support form

I paid for my appointment, but it was cancelled. Will I be refunded?

Yes, cancelled appointments are automatically refunded. These refunds will appear on your statements within 5-10 business days. You do not need to contact us during that time frame as our team will not be able to escalate or provide further information about your reimbursement. After 10 business days, if you still have not received a reimbursement, please complete the form below for support:

Virtual care support form

I would like to request a refund.

I would like to request a refund for a valid reason, please complete the form below for support. We will review your request and get back to you.

Virtual care support form

I need to obtain a copy of my virtual care receipt(s).

If you have paid for your Virtual Care visit or have paid for a specific medical service offered via Virtual Care, we can provide you with a copy of your receipt(s). To request a copy of your receipt for a specific visit, or for multiple Virtual Care appointments, please complete the Virtual Care Support Form below.

You will be required to indicate the date, time, and the name of the doctor for the specific appointment you would like to obtain a receipt for or, you will need to indicate that you would like to receive receipts for multiple visits.

virtual care support form


My video appointment was cancelled, or marked no-show, but I never received a call. What should I do?

My appointment was cancelled

There are many reasons why your appointment may have been cancelled; the doctor might have tried to reach you without success, or your type of visit condition may not have been eligible for Virtual Care. We are happy to assist you and reschedule your appointment accordingly. Please contact us by phone or rebook online.

If you have paid for your visit and your visit was cancelled, you will be automatically refunded. Visit our FAQ about refunds for more information.

No-show consultations & fee

If you miss your virtual care appointment, you will be charged a $25 no-show fee. If you cannot attend your appointment for any reason, you must cancel it 24 hours before its start time to avoid being charged the no-show fee. You can cancel your appointment via your Virtual Care account here. 

If you paid for your appointment, your appointment will need to be refunded minus the no-show fee. If you believe that you were charged the no-show fee by error, please visit our FAQ about refunds for more information.

It is time for my appointment, but my doctor hasn’t contacted me yet.

Our healthcare providers do their best to start every appointment at the scheduled time. However, your doctor might be late. If you have not heard from your physicians for over 25 minutes, please contact us to report the wait time. At that point, you are welcome to drop the video call and rebook another appointment online.

Virtual care support form

I am experiencing technical issues when setting up or connecting to my Virtual Care appointment.

If you are experiencing technical issues when trying to book a Virtual Care appointment, with connecting to your appointment or any other technical issues with your visit, complete the form below:

Virtual care support form

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Complete the form below to request support for your Virtual Care appointment:

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