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Expand Your Virtual Care Capabilities

Virtual Care is transforming the healthcare sector offering patients convenience, ease of use and continuity of care. At Appletree, we believe Virtual Care will soon be the principal way that patients access primary care. That is why we have developed a robust solution that has helped many healthcare leaders embark on the Virtual Care journey, see how we can support yours.

Appletree Virtual Care - Online Doctors

150 + licensed Canadian family doctors & specialists
Comprehensive charting & connectivity virtually and in-clinic
Same-day appointments, 7 days a week
Secure & private platform with phone & video appointments
COVID-19 assessment
Medical advice, prescriptions, refills, referrals & medical forms
Detailed reporting including throughput & scheduling
Co-branded Virtual Care landing page & marketing collaterals

Virtual Solutions for Healthcare Professionals, Hospitals, Employers & Pharmacy Partners

Extend Your Coverage & See More Patients

Our network provides you with extended physician coverage for patients across Canada, whether they are insured by public or private insurance plans, or living in rural, remote or underserved regions.

Reduce Unnecessary Emergency Visits

Appletree Virtual Care helps hospitals divert low-acuity patients away from emergency rooms, thereby reducing wait times and freeing up front-line staff.

Patients Overflow Support

During the recent pandemic, demand for healthcare services and physician availability were difficult to predict. Appletree Virtual Care provides our clients with revenue sharing opportunities and a network of experienced doctors available to handle your patient overflow – whether it’s due to vacations, emergencies, maternity leaves, or retirements.

COVID-19 Pandemic Screening

Appletree physicians are supporting communities during the COVID-19 pandemic by screening patients who are ill, or suspect that they may have been exposed to the virus, thereby decreasing the probability of exposure and transmission for healthcare workers.

Strengthen Pharmacy-Clinic Partnership

Virtual Care provides our pharmacy partners with remote access to a physician, ensuring that patients can obtain the prescriptions and refills they need, while improving medication adherence.

Enhance Your Employee Benefits

Enhance your company’s health benefits plan, at no additonal cost, by giving employees a powerful tool to help them stay healthy and productive. Virtual Care appointments are quick and can be completed from an employee’s home or office, thereby reducing absenteeism.

Virtual Care & COVID-19

Virtual care services are essential to ensuring that patients receive continuity of care during a pandemic. Our service connects thousands of patients with our doctors. By safely connecting to a doctor from home, patients can avoid unnecessary trips to medical offices and emergency rooms.

We can help healthcare professionals like you.

We have helped thousands of healthcare professionals, groups or businesses connect patients, clients and employees to a doctor when needed. We will make it easy, safe and convenient for the communities you serve to receive medical care, virtually.

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