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Virtual Dentist Consultations - FAQ's

How can a Dentist treat me via Virtual Care?

A teledentist can assess you via video and help guide you on the next steps you would need to take to help your condition. In addition, a teledentist can provide you with valuable education on your acute or chronic condition and prescribe medications as required.

Appletree Dentists are licensed to work in Canada and are members of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO).

What conditions can the Dentist help me with?

Via Virtual Care, Appletree’s Dentists may help you with education, instruction, advice or counselling on many dental issues. During the consultation, the Dentist may help you evaluate your level of dental pain or dental discomfort, help you monitor your condition and schedule follow-ups on treatments and help you determine if you need to see an onsite dentist today.

What is teledentistry not appropriate for?

Teledentistry is not appropriate for emergency cases.  If you have a dental emergency, please contact your nearest dentist or dental emergency clinic.

Are Virtual Care visits with a dentist covered by OHIP or by my insurance?

Teledentistry is a new service that has been approved by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO) to assist during the COVID-19 pandemic. Teledentistry is not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance program (OHIP) and may not be an eligible benefit under your dental plan (employee benefit plan or private plan).

After your visit, our resident dentist will provide you with a Standard Dental Claim form via email. You may complete this form and use it to claim your visit costs as applicable under any eligible benefit plan you may have.

After the visit, will I have access to the details of my visit?

Your dental assessment and plan as noted by the Dentist during your visit will be documented in Appletree’s electronic medical record software. You will be able to access these records via our Patient Portal or at any subsequent Virtual Care or in-person visits at an Appletree Medical Centre.

Can I get a prescription?

Yes! Your prescription may be emailed to you or can also be faxed automatically to the pharmacy of your choice. When creating you account, you will have the opportunity to provide the name and fax number of your preferred pharmacy.

Which device may be used to connect to my appointment?

You can connect to your Virtual Care appointment using a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Both telephone and video appointments are available.

What happens if there is an issue during my appointment that interrupts my video call?

The doctor will call you back by phone, using the phone number you have provided when creating your account.

How do I cancel my appointment or access my Virtual Care account?

To cancel your appointment you must go into your Virtual Care account and cancel the appointment, see the link below. This cannot be done by calling us, you must do it directly from your account.


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