Occupational Health and Wellness Division

Appletree Medical Group’s Occupational Health and Wellness Division is focused on assessing and improving your employees’ health. When you care about your workers, they care about you.

Appletree can serve your organization in 3 areas: We provide our clients and their employees the most choice when accessing medical care, including the largest number of facilities and the largest coordinated network of providers in Ontario. We also provide the widest possible range of access options; from in-person care to on demand virtual care. Our group also provides on-site or near-site clinical services options. When you require timely access to excellent care, we have your access needs covered.

We offer the full spectrum of Occupational Health Services, allowing organizations to select and make use of those specific services that are important to them, knowing that they can access any additional services as needed and only if needed. Whether we are helping you develop HR policy or providing you with your clinical services, you will be impressed with our whole team's dedication to providing your staff with excellent service and quality care. Please review our list of services and contact us if you are looking for ways to improve your employees' engagement and health. We look forward to speaking with you and will take the time to understand your goals and needs in order to determine if we can be of service to you and your organization.

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The sooner they are seen, the sooner they recover and the easier it will be to help them maintain their workplace attachment. Likewise, it is advantageous to both employee and employer for the staff to be seen by a physician who is not just knowledgeable about WSIB, but also who enjoys seeing and treating patients for WSIB related problems. We provide a large selection of sites 7 days a week, where we have doctors who will see and assess your staff. You simply call our concierge and they will arrange a same day appointment for your employee at a location convenient to them.

This service improves patient access to health care providers, by providing the ability to phone or video chat conference with your doctor. It is convenient, easy to use, and reduces costs related to time away from work.

We provide choice in locations; for staff that live in different areas of the region, and we work with your timelines to ensure all assessments are done when needed and done properly. A pre-placement or pre-enrollment check-up or assessment can help in the determination of whether an employee (or student) can meet the physical or emotional demands of a particular job or position.

The content of these assessments vary widely across industries, and if your organization is updating or developing such a program of pre-assessments, Appletree Medical Group has experienced Occupational Health Physicians on staff that can save you time in developing appropriate guidelines and forms for your organization. For organizations with an existing, well defined process and the associated forms, our pre-placement services can help identify and document the relevant health problems to protect your employees from harm and to protect your workforce and organization in general from unexpected claims, injury or lost time in the future.

All appointments are booked via our concierge and services are available 7 days a week. Any lab work required is arranged with one of the two major labs in this field and results are returned to us quickly to ensure timely completion of the service. Staff are provided a free patient portal, so that they can monitor their test result status on-line. For mobile employees, we now also offer these services at our newest clinic in Terminal 1, Pearson Airport.

Note: For services outside of the GTA or Ottawa areas, we have 30 affiliated clinics across Ontario from Windsor to Cornwall, Hamilton to Sault Ste Marie. For services in BC and Alberta, a minimum number of assessments are required and a lead time of 2 weeks.

A travel medicine consultation prior to your or your employees' departure is a key component of ensuring a safe and healthy trip. Ideally you should be seen soon after you have made your travel arrangements or at least within 4 weeks prior to departure. However, even last minute travelers can benefit from a consultation with a physician.

During the visit we will review vaccination history, personal health history, itinerary, and planned activities to determine which vaccines you will need to keep you safe and healthy during your trip.

We provide the largest number of convenient locations for MTO medicals across both GTA and Ottawa areas. Professional drivers who require an A, B, C, E or F license, whether working in Transportation or other industries, can book their Ministry of Transportation check up online 24/7 via our Patient Portal at www.appletreepatients.com or by calling us directly: In the GTA: 647-722-2370 or Ottawa 613-482-0118. Group discounts and dedicated clinic hours are also available for employers and agencies with more than 20 drivers. If you are an employer, please fill out the contact form below and we will contact you within 2 business days.

We serve all professional drivers and students who need an MTO check-up including:
 EMS and Ambulance
 School Bus Drivers
 TTC, OC Transpo and other Public Transit Drivers
 Waste Removal Workers
 Airport Workers
 Construction, Mining and Heavy Equipment Workers

Who needs an MTO medical certificate and how often does it need to be repeated? Here is the link to the MTO rules for all license types:


Aviation Medicals: We provide Aviation Medicals for Pilots and Student Pilots. This service is provided by appointment at both our Pearson Airport, Terminal 1 location and our downtown 8 York St. location.

Occasionally employers require the expertise of an independent physician to evaluate an employee, clarify limitations, the medical need for an accommodation, resolve conflicting or unclear medical opinion, or provide an objective prognosis. Appletree’s occupational health physicians can provide these expert assessments, giving you the information you need to make health related operational and administrative decisions.

Custom designed orthotics, compression stockings, orthopedic braces and other similar devices are biomechanical medical appliances that are provided to correct emerging problems, prevent future problems and provide comfort. In general, they help to reduce the functional stress on your body, and depending on the specific device they can significantly reduce foot, leg, joint or muscle pain and swelling. The goal is to reduce symptoms that are interfering with your normal day-to-day activities and to improve function and quality of life.

Our team includes: Orthopedic specialists, Family Doctors, Chirpractors, Pedorthists and Orthopedic technicians. We will assess your mobility issues and provide treatment options and/or the specific devices required, custom fitted to your own needs.

This program provides your most valued executives and senior staff with direct access to health care from their office or home with 100% privacy and respect for the value of their time. If you are setting up a program, we can help. We will provide evidence-based services only; to ensure the health of your management and professional groups. If you already have a program, contact us to see how we can provide better choice of location, services and results at a lower cost than your current provider, without bundling ineffective or non-predictive testing. In person services are augmented by our telemedicine services, available to our patients 7 days a week with direct access to a doctor via our Virtual Care App.

Our large team of Occupational Health Physicians, comprising 60 years of professional experience in the field can save you time and money, while ensuring your policies will achieve your goals, are forward thinking and are aligned with the culture of your organization.

For example, many organizations now need to develop guidelines around both medical and recreational marijuana use by employees, particularly in a position where safety is a significant element in the performance of their duties. Appletree Medical Group occupational health division has a number of experienced occupational health physicians who have deep experience developing policy, including cannabis in the workplace guideline development.

We are a service oriented professional group, you will be delighted at the professionalism and understanding that our doctors bring to the table for you. Contact us using the form at the bottom of the page and we will reach out to you to see what needs you are addressing and how we may be of assistance to you and your organization.

Appletree has certified medical review officers who can assist in the design and implementation of your drug and alcohol policy, as well as interpret drug test results.

We provide a full range of baseline diagnostic testing including pulmonary, auditory, vision or laboratory testing. We work directly with the 2 largest reference laboratories in Canada to ensure your staff and colleagues have ready access to initial and ongoing screening for specific substances or other functional issues.

We offer a wide choice of locations for testing, making it easier for you to book your employee closer to their home.

Drug and Alcohol testing for groups of employees is also offered across Ontario, for drivers and other safety sensitive job categories. Contact us with the form below.

Appletree is the premier designer, builder and operator of medical facilities in Canada. If you are considering providing your staff with either on-site or near-site medical care, we can help you at all or specific stages. We have been designing, building, staffing and operating medical facilities for over 27 years in Canada and are recognized internationally as leaders in this field.

The cost-benefit analysis of providing clinical services can be difficult terrain if you don't know all of the options available. If you are exploring these options, we can meet with you to better define and understand your organization's goals in this regard, both short-term and longer-term. Our proven process will help you avoid many costly mistakes, or mismatches between services, needs and expected results. We have provided dedicated planning, building and operational services to over 50 specific purpose facilities across Ontario for a variety of clients including pharmacy chains, airports and educational institutions, community colleges and universities. We are also the largest provider of Virtual Care in Canada, complimenting or substituting our in-person care 7 days a week.

Our systematic approach will save you significant amounts of time and money. We will also ensure you end up with the clinc service mix that you and your employees both want and need in a cost-effective way.

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Our Mission Statement: To provide our clients with personalized and quality occupational health and wellness services.

Founded in 1992, Appletree Medical Group is one of Canada’s largest multi-disciplinary groups, providing comprehensive care to over 500,000 patients in Ottawa and the GTA. Our expansive network of family doctors and specialists work as a team to provide you with high quality care, 7 days a week. Our programs are designed to be comprehensive and cost-effective solutions, that can assist in implementing and developing resolutions that can affect the health of your workforce.