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The Appletree difference

Founded in 1992, Appletree Medical Group is one of Canada’s largest multi-specialty groups. Our growing network of modern medical facilities across Ontario enables our doctors to provide world-class medical care to our patients.

Working with highly-trained staff and the latest technology, our physicians are able to deliver the best care possible for patients and their families in our communities.

Our Mission

Appletree Medical Group exists to professionalise, and improve access to, community healthcare in Canada. We provide comprehensive healthcare solutions when, and where, they are needed. We use technology and efficient clinic workflows to optimize medical practices for physicians, while creating flexible and accessible healthcare experiences for our patients.

Our Values

Support, Collaboration, Client-First, Innovation, Trust, Quality of Service & Dependability.


Flexible care, 7 days a week

Whether you need same-day medical care, comprehensive family medicine, access to specialists or chronic disease management, the Appletree Medical Group is your complete health destination.

Our team of over 200 family doctors and specialists work in a connected group format to provide you with the highest quality of care, 7 days a week, through both Telemedicine Access and in-person care at our network of Health Centres.

Patient registering

Technology to get you feeling well, faster

We respect our patients’ time. We have developed and pioneered the use of enabling technology that allows us to see our patients at their time of need.

We also provide comprehensive care, Family Medicine, Pediatric care: Screening and Preventive Care visits, Acute Care, Chronic Disease Management and direct navigation to the appropriate Sub-Specialists and their services as needed.
Our mission is to be available to care for our patients at their time of need.

The Appletree Story

Founded in 1992, Appletree Medical Group is one of Canada’s largest multi-specialty groups. Our growing network of modern medical facilities across Ontario enables our doctors to provide world-class medical care to our patients.


Appletree operates 38 Medical Centres in Ontario and is the nation’s largest provider of Telemedicine services.


Appletree introduces the first AI-supported Remote Data Capture tool designed to improve patient engagement.


A first for Appletree patients, the Patient Portal launches and aim to help patients self-manage their care, specifically improving home monitoring of chronic diseases. Connected to Appletree’s EMR system, the Patient Portal allows patients to be more engaged in their overall care.


Appletree begins doing real-world evidence research to identify best practices that lead to the best outcomes for our patients. Over the years, Appletree has been continuously a lead investigator in published papers informing best practices on flu shot campaigns, STI screening, and more.


Patients may now connect with Appletree Doctors via video through the launch of Telemedicine, helping underserved communities in Ontario get access to healthcare and helping to alleviate physician shortage across Ontario. Today, Appletree offers Telemedicine services at all clinics and sites across communities in Ontario making it the #1 Telemedicine provider in Canada. In 2009, Appletree also grows its network of clinics by partnering with physicians wanting to expand the Appletree model into the Greater Toronto Area.


Introduced the first Auto Acoustic Emission Testing (hearing testing) for newborns which was later adopted by hospitals.


Appletree launched the first real-time wait-time tool designed for patients with acute illness in mind; allowing them to better navigate the healthcare system, find in-clinic openings in real-time, and avoid unnecessary visits to an emergency.


AppletreeU is a dedicated training facility created as a unique resource to teach modern practice management principles to a new generation of medical assistants and facility managers.


Appletree introduces the first touch-screen patient registration kiosk into the Canadian Healthcare system. The kiosk’s multilingual ability allows patients to be served in their language of choice and in a more private and confidential environment.


Appletree Medical Group’s first medical centre opens its doors to serve the Bayshore community in Ottawa.

Appletree in the News

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Appletree Partners With LifeLabs To Provide Convenient Virtual Care to Over 2.6 Million Ontarians

Appletree is thrilled to partner with LifeLabs to offer Ontarians even greater access to comprehensive, patient-centered care, whether they’re visiting in-person or online.

Pure Global Launches Groundbreaking Medical Cannabis Research Study with Appletree Medical Group

Together with Appletree and a leading Clinical Research Organization, PureSinse is launching a large-scale, peer-reviewed study on the efficacy of medical cannabis in the treatment of certain medical conditions.

Blog.TO recommends Appletree Virtual Care for online doctor consultations.

Online doctor options in Ontario where you can get virtual appointments are undoubtedly in high demand as the vast majority of us do our best to avoid leaving the house and heading to a healthcare centre of any kind.

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