Health Assessments and Medical Examinations

About Occupational Health Assessments and Medical Examinations

A health assessment or medical examination helps determine whether an employee, student, or applicant can meet the physical or emotional demands of a particular job or position. Appletree is a leading provider of health assessments and medical examinations for employees, students, professionals, government applicants, and members of associations. We provide an extensive number of locations for your employees, students, applicants or members to visit, and we ensure that all assessments and examinations are completed accurately, professionally, and on time.

The content of these assessments and examinations vary widely across industries. If your organization is updating or developing a Pre-Assessment or Annual Health Assessment policy, Appletree has experienced Occupational Health physicians that can save you considerable time and expense in developing appropriate guidelines and forms for your organization.

How Does It Work?

All appointments are booked via our Program Coordinator and services are available 7 days a week. Any lab work required is arranged with one of two major laboratories in the Province, and results are returned to us quickly to ensure timely completion of the service. Your employees are provided with a free Appletree Patient Portal, so that they can monitor their test result status online.

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