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Referral Forms

Need to access a specific referral form? Access the forms you need here:

HPV Vaccination Clinic Referral 

Chart Transfer, Patient Consent & Patient Code of Conduct

Please see below for specific forms permitting the release of your medical chart.

Medical Chart Transfer | Online Form
Patient Consent Form
Appletree Patient & Visitor Code of Conduct


Insurance and Reimbursements

Please see below for more information, and applicable forms, relating to private and out-of-province insurance reimbursement.

Out of Province Reimbursements
Approved Insurance Providers


Private Services Price Lists

Some medical services are not covered by your government health insurance plan (i.e. OHIP). For these services, we charge a reasonable fee for our services.

Private Vaccine Price List
Uninsured Services Price List


Not all medical services are appropriate for Telemedicine. Ensure that the reason for your visit fits within our list of included Telemedicine services.

Telemedicine Services Inclusions & Exclusions List

Healthcare Programs

Appletree programs are accessible to all patients and may require a referral from your doctor.

Diabetes Program Consultation Referral

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Frequently Asked Questions

I need a family doctor, do you accept new patients?

Appletree doctors are accepting new patients and you can meet with a doctor in person (walk-in visit) or by booking a Virtual Care meet and greet appointment. You do not need to contact us to sign-up for our family practice. Simply visit the clinic that is closest to you or book virtually with a family doctor, and they will complete the sign-up process with you during the visit. You must meet with a doctor to become part of our family practice (roster).

Check Wait Times and Clinics for an in-person visit.

wait-times & Clinics

Book a Virtual Care appointment for a virtual meet and greet.

virtual care

I am not covered by OHIP, may I still come in and receive care?

Yes. Patients not covered by OHIP, private patients, residents of other provinces or other countries, visitors to Canada and newcomers are welcome and will need to pay our flat service rate.

See the above price list for Appletree’s uninsured services.

What payment methods do you offer?

  • Credit Cards: Mastercard, Visa & American Express
  • Debit
  • Exact cash only (our clinics do not carry any change)

What other forms of coverage are accepted? Can you bill my insurance directly?

We cannot directly bill to private insurances/out of province health cards. Patients must pay and keep their receipt to submit for their reimbursement.

Appletree accepts the following insurance upon receiving proof of valid coverage:

  • UHIP University Health Insurance Plan (requires a $15 co-pay from the patient; the rest is billed to UHIP)
  • CHIP College Health Insurance Plan
  • Guard Me (Acute care only, some exceptions apply)
  • MorCare
  • Intrepid 24/7
  • The Children’s Aid Society (CAS Child can be seen with or without health card)
  • WSIB Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

Patients covered under other insurances or third-party payers not listed above are responsible for the cost of their visit.

Can any doctor refer to a specialist at Appletree?

Yes, any doctor can refer a patient to a specialist. Patients are welcome to see any of the Appletree doctors through Walk-In of Family Medicine to obtain a referral. Family doctors outside of the Appletree network are also able to refer patients to Appletree specialists.

How can I obtain a copy of my medical chart and is there a fee?

Appletree can provide you with a copy of your medical records included in your patient’s chart. A Medical Release Form must be signed by the patient (if 16 years of age and older), by the parent/guardian (if the patient is 15 years of age and under) or by the power of attorney (person given full legal permission with a signed document from a lawyer to make decisions on behalf of the patient) to request medical chart information. You can visit the Patient Resources section of our website to print, complete and mail or fax the Medical Release Form. Complete details are included in the actual form. Note that there is a $45 fee for Chart Transfers.

REQUEST A medical chart transfer

How can I sign up for Appletree's Patient Portal?

You may register to our Patient Portal online by creating a secure and private account.

The Patient Portal will allow eligible patients to better self-manage their care, book appointments for certain programs, services or providers, view test results and much more. The Patient Portal is secure and private and grants patients unlimited access to their own health care profiles. To access and use the Portal, you must be 18 years of age or older.


Can I see a doctor if I misplaced my OHIP card?

OHIP cards must be valid and present for registration at every visit. Please contact Service Ontario, and they will provide you with the proper documents that you may use until your OHIP cards arrive in the mail.

Are you able to renew prescriptions via phone or fax?

We are unable to renew prescriptions via fax or phone. However, you can visit any of our clinics, and a doctor will be there to help you. It is both your and the doctor’s responsibility to assess at the time of your visit; based on your conditions and any other relevant personal circumstance, the appropriate quantities of medication to be dispensed and the appropriate follow-up interval.

Appletree also offers virtual doctor consultations for many common health concerns and for applicable prescription renewal.


Can I speak to my doctor over the phone? Can I review my results over the phone?

Doctors are not able to come to the phone as they are seeing patients. Please come in to see the doctor in person (or book appointment for patient if applicable).

Staff and Doctors cannot give the results of any test over the telephone, at any time. We must ensure the confidentiality of your medical information and in certain cases, it is important for the doctor to reassess, or apprise you of your condition in order to ensure a full understanding of the medical concern.

Do you prescribe narcotics or addictive medications?

Appletree physicians cannot prescribe narcotics or addictive medications to patients that are not their own, or for whom they will not be personally following up. Physicians will not provide prescriptions for narcotics or addictive medications to patients of other physicians, even those within our group.

Do physicians accept to sign forms and reports as guarantors and what are the fees?

There are a number of forms for which you might need a guarantor’s signature or signature from your physician. Ontario physicians are not permitted to charge for the completion of some of those reports and forms. However, due to the requirements relating to be a guarantor (must be a person who has known you personally for at least two years and knows you well enough to confirm that the information you have given in your application is true), it is left at the discretion of the physician as to whether or not they agree to complete these forms.

Uninsured reports and forms include:

  • Application for Accessible Parking Permit
  • Transit forms for the Disabled
  • Permanent Resident Card Forms
  • Request for Birth Certificate Forms
  • Children’s Aid Society Forms (on behalf of a child)
  • Canadian Passport Application
  • Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care Forms (e.g.: Limited Use, Assistive Devices, etc.)

If you would like to discuss the completion of any of the documents listed above, book an appointment via our Patient Portal or visit us at one of our Appletree Medical Centres for a walk-in visit.

I would like to make a complaint, how can I proceed?

All complaints are recorded and escalated to a proper channel. To make a complaint, please visit the Contact Us page of our website and complete the form.

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