Seasonal Flu Shot & Vaccination

Seasonal Flu Shot

Protect yourself and protect your loved ones.

Vaccination is the cornerstone of preventative medicine.  Receiving your annual flu shot each year is your best defence against illness caused by the influenza virus.  While the young and the old may be particularly vulnerable, even healthy adults are at risk of influenza.

***2020/21 Flu Shot Update***

The regular and high-dose (65+) flu shots for 2020/21 have now arrived at our Appletree Medical Centres. Visit our Find A Clinic page to see if the flu shot is available at the clinic that is closest to you.

Get Your Flu Vaccine

Find an Appletree Medical Centre to get your flu shot, no appointment necessary.

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Update your Immunizations

While visiting us for your Seasonal Flu Shot, take the opportunity to update your vaccinations and ensure that you have the best protection possible against vaccine preventable diseases.


All adults should receive 1 dose of a Tetanus/Diphtheria vaccine every ten years.


Everybody born in 1970 or later should receive 2 doses of the MMR vaccine in their lifetime.  Those born in 1969 or earlier are presumed to have an acquired immunity.

Human Papilloma Virus

The Human Papilloma Virus is the leading cause of Cervical Cancer in women.  It can also cause a variety of other cancers and warts.  All patients who are or will be sexually active should consider this vaccine.
Learn More About HPV

Pneumococcal Disease

All patients over the age of 50, especially those with chronic health conditions such as Heart Disease, Asthma/COPD, or Diabetes, should consider a pneumococcal vaccine.


All patients over the age of 50 who have a previous history of chicken pox may consider immunization against Shingles – a highly painful viral rash.

Hepatitis A and B

Hepatitis A and B are viral infections affecting the liver.  All patients should consider vaccination with either or both depending on their health history and future plans.

What To Expect At Your Appointment

When you arrive at an Appletree Medical Centre and register at the self-registration kiosk, indicate that you are visiting for a flu shot for fast triage. If additional vaccines are recommended, the physician will discuss recommendations and options with you.

After Your Appointment

Visit our Patient Portal to access your Vaccination Record and manage your future appointments.

Flu Shot - Frequently Asked Questions

Are vaccines safe?

Yes, hundreds of millions of doses of vaccines have been administered to patients around the world, and many large studies have shown that vaccines are both safe and effective. Minor reactions such as redness or swelling at the injection site, soreness in the arm, and mild headaches and fever have been known to occur. If you have concerns, discuss them with your doctor.

Serious side effects can occur in very rare cases, however, the benefits to receiving the vaccine far outweigh the risks of serious side effects.

Are these vaccines covered by my provincial health insurance?

Some of the vaccines listed above are publicly funded and some are not.  For those that are not covered, an itemized receipt will be provided at the time of purchase that can be submitted to your private health insurance plan for reimbursement.

Disease Vaccine Options Age Schedule Cost per dose
Tetanus/Diptheria Td Adbsorbed All 1 dose every ten years OHIP
Whooping Cough Adacel, Boostrix All 1 dose as an adult in place of Td Adsorbed OHIP
Measles/Mumps/Rubella MMR II, Priorix All 2 doses lifetime.  Those born prior to 1970 are assumed to be immune and do not require vaccination OHIP
Pneumonia Pneumovax 23 65 + 0 OHIP
Prevnar 13 50+ 0 $130
Shingles Shingrix 50+ 0, 2 months $150
Zostavax II 65-70 0 OHIP
HPV Gardasil 9 15 + 0, 2, 6 months $195
Cervarix 15 + 0, 1, 6 months $130
Hepatitis A Avaxim 15+ 0, 6 months $65
Havrix 19+ 0, 6 months $65
Hepatitis B Engerix B 20+ 0, 1, 6 months $40
Hepatitis A/B Twinrix 19+ 0, 1, 6 months $75

You can visit the Ministry of Health’s website to learn more about the Universal Influenza Immunization Program. 

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