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Seasonal Flu Shot

Vaccination is the cornerstone of preventive medicine. Receiving your annual flu shot each year is your best defense against illness caused by the influenza virus. While the young and the old may be particularly vulnerable, even healthy adults are at risk of influenza.

2021 Flu Shot Update

We are awaiting information regarding the regular and high-dose (65+) flu shots for 2021; doses will be available at most Appletree Medical Centres.
Come back to visit our wait-timer page to see the availability of the flu hots at the clinic that is closest to you. 


How Can I Access This Service?

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This service is available at select Appletree Medical Centres. Appointments are required.

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Walk-In to any Appletree Medical Centres to receive your flu shot. Check availability below.

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Appletree Telemedicine Clinics

Some Appletree Telemedicine Clinics are able to provide flu shots to their patients. Check clinics below.

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