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Allied Health Professionals

Our Allied Health professionals include physiotherapists, dentists, opticians, social workers, audiologists, chiropractors, pedorthists, and speech therapy pathologists, to name a few. Whether you have a sport, work or motor vehicle injury, suffer from ongoing foot, knee, back or body pain, need to be fitted for hearing aids, or are seeking counselling services, our team of Allied Health professionals can help you with your treatment and rehabilitation.

Once you complete an assessment with our Allied Health team, your products and services will be outlined within a detailed treatment plan and accessible from our Patient Portal for complete continuity of care.

Appletree Allied Health Programs

How to Book An Appointment?

For new patients, please schedule an appointment with an Appletree physician to request a referral. FIND A CLINIC

Appletree patients can book an appointment with our Allied Health team directly from the Patient Portal. PATIENT PORTAL

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From Family Doctors and Walk-In services to Telemedicine and Virtual Care, we’ve got you covered, and you get to choose how you see your doctor.

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Prepare For Your Visit

Getting ready for your visit with an Allied Health professionals means that you might have questions about insurance coverage or how to best prepare for your visit. Over the past 20 years, our team has developed extensive expertise and is able to answer your health insurance coverage questions and any other questions surrounding your visit.

Important For Your Visit

Depending on your type of visit, please ensure that you wear appropriate attire so that your Allied Health professional can properly examine you. For example, when preparing for your appointment with a Pedorthist for foot and knee pain, please wear a pair of shorts (to ensure that your lower extremities and gait can be properly examined), and a pair of shoes that you wear on a regular basis (such as your work or gym shoes).

Insurance Coverage

Prior to your visit with your Allied Health professional, be sure to check with your insurance company to determine whether any of the products or services you require are covered by your benefits plan. Most insurance companies will only reimburse you if you are treated by a qualified and regulated health professional. At Appletree, all of our Allied Health professionals are licensed, and in good standing, with their applicable regulatory colleges or associations.

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Custom Bracing Is Now Offered At Appletree

Our Orthopaedic Specialists use state-of-the-art laser scanning technology to create custom braces for ankles, knees, wrists, elbows, neck and lower back. These medical devices can help alleviate pains associated with injuries, fractures, and even arthritis. We offer preventative and post-operative devices, with the full ability to customize your device.

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