Vascular Surgery

What is Vascular Surgery?

A vascular surgeon is a specialist trained to diagnose and treat conditions involving veins and arteries (blood vessels). They can treat a large variety of conditions, from small spider veins to life-threatening aneurysms and arterial disease.

What can be treated at Appletree?

At Appletree Medical Group in Toronto, our vascular surgeon will diagnose and treat all types of vascular cases, varicose veins and artery disease. Cases that cannot be treated in our Medical Centres will be referred to Humber River Hospital-Wilson Site for surgical treatment. Our vascular surgeon is also available via Virtual Care for consultations.

How Can I Access This Service?

To access our vascular surgery services, you must have a referral from a family physician.


This service is available at select Appletree Medical Centres. Appointments are required.

Virtual Care

Meet with an Appletree Physician to receive a referral, then book your Virtual Care appointment.

Appletree Vascular Surgeons

Dr. Luis Figueroa

Vascular Surgeon

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