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We’re in a unique position to develop exciting and innovative healthcare solutions. If you share our passion for rebuilding community healthcare in Canada (and abroad), let’s connect to see how we can work together.



Appletree can provide you, and your employees, the most choice when accessing medical care, including the greatest number of facilities and the largest coordinated network of providers in Ontario. We offer a broad range of healthcare options delivered at, or near, your facility, both virtually and in person.


Pharmacies & Allied Health

With our network of medical centres, we are experts in sub-leasing or co-locating medical space with pharmacies and allied health practitioners. We have over 25 years of experience working with small independent owner-operators, as well as national chains.



We work with several laboratories to innovate and streamline laboratory testing through digital and on-site integration of laboratory services. We can offer your laboratory co-locating and sub-leasing opportunities within our medical centres, as well as offering private services, such as genetic or food sensitivity testing.


We conduct anonymized real-world evidence studies that help identify best practices and lead to better health outcomes in our communities. We are particularly proud of the measurable, direct, and positive health impact this research has had on the communities we serve.



Thanks to our broad network, we work with public health agencies and departments at all levels of government to promote and monitor vaccination and other public health programs and population health and deliver healthcare to Ontarians.


Medical Groups

We will coordinate your medical group conversion to the Appletree model, including training, branding, and practice transfers. We also collaborate with other medical groups across Canada to coordinate service delivery, provide broader system integration and more efficient resource utilization- virtual care, real-world evidence studies, and buying groups are just some examples.


Business Owners

We offer franchise opportunities to qualified investors who would like to adopt the Appletree business model for their own clinic, and who meet our financial and operations criteria.

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Appletree's Partner Companies


Canadian Health Systems

A leader in the fields of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and medical group practice management, and driven by the desire to improve the face of health care, Canadian Health Systems created EMR Advantage®, designed to automate time-consuming administrative duties and allows physicians to focus on patient care.

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