Family Medicine

Looking for a Family Doctor?

Appletree doctors are accepting new patients and you can meet with a family physician today. Visit us at one of our Appletree Medical Centres, or book a virtual meet and greet with one of our family physicians.

AMG-DoctorIn-Person Visits

You don’t need to book an appointment to sign up for our family practice. Just find the clinic that is the closest to you and visit us as a walk-in. The doctor on duty will gladly help you with the sign-up process.

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Virtual Care Visits

Book a virtual meet and greet with one of our family physicians to sign up for our family practice. Our doctors are connected and will have access to your medical chart at any subsequent virtual or in-person visits.

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Prepare For Your Visit


Bring your OHIP card and a list of your medications so that we can update your chart current prescriptions and dosages.

Check Wait Times

Visit our wait-timer and select which location you will visit. We offer multiple locations and options for consistent care.

Check-In At Kiosk

After entering the clinic, you will be asked to complete your check-in at one of our self-registration kiosks.

Complete a Survey

Our secure online medical questionnaire will provide the doctor with your medical history and reason for your visit.

Start Your Appointment

Our medical assistant will welcome you and get you set-up for your visit with an Appletree physician.

Visit our Patient Portal

Follow-ups, appointments and referrals can all be managed through our Patient Portal.

Your Family's Complete Health Destination

Keep everyone in your family healthy! Our family practice services are flexible and convenient; you may consult with your family physician - who always has access to your secure digital medical chart - virtually or in-person from any Appletree location that you choose to visit. Plus, we work with highly trained staff and the latest technology to deliver the best care for you and your family.

Why Appletree is great

Same-Day Medical Care

When you are sick or need medical advice, you can see a doctor quickly at any of our locations. Pick the location with the shortest wait time near you and book an appointment, or simply walk in!

Comprehensive Care

Patients who choose Appletree benefit from our network of a hundred Family Physicians and Specialists. Whether you need a medical check-up or vaccination, orthotics, treatment of a sudden illness, or the opinion of a medical specialist, we can help

Total Flexibility

Our doctors and clinics are digitally interconnected, which means that you can visit any Appletree clinic and speak with any doctor, and they will have access to your medical history at their fingertips.

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Healthcare that fits your life.

From your home, office or neighborhood, there’s an Appletree doctor available to provide medical care.