At Appletree, you have options

We don't believe that there is only one way for you to get excellent medical care in your community. That's why we make the best use of our network, and innovative technologies, to provide you with a number of ways to connect with our doctors and get the medical treatment that you need.

What to expect

At Appletree, we're focused on providing you with the highest quality of care, in the most efficient way possible. You can expect highly trained staff, tools leveraging the latest technology and a network of physicians able to deliver the best care for you and your family, right from your community.

Check-in at Kiosk

Use our self-registration kiosk to check in for your visit. Self-registration will let us know that you have arrived. No waiting for a busy receptionist.

Complete a Health Questionnaire

Our digital health questionnaire will help us gather important information about your health. This saves you time, and allows you to get on with your day.

See a Doctor

Our medical assistant will prepare you for your visit and review your survey answers with the doctor. Your medical information will be accessible by our doctors at any Appletree in your city.

Enterprise Healthcare

Occupational Health at Appletree Medical Group - Female worker

Workplace Health

When you care about your workers, they care about you. Learn about Appletree's personalized workplace health solutions.

Workplace Health
Woman receiving Acupuncture treatment at Appletree Allied Health & Partners

Allied Health & Partners

Access a full range of allied health services, including acupuncturists, physiotherapists, pedorthists and mental health professionals.

Learn More
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Healthcare that fits your life

From your home, office or neighborhood, there’s an Appletree doctor available to provide medical care.