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Care for patients, not paperwork.

For over 25 years, we have refined, innovated, and evolved our business model to offer a friendly, calm, and professional practice environment that maximizes physician productivity while reducing risk, saving time, and lowering costs. Our model addresses the administrative pain points that contribute to practice burnout, such as charting, scheduling, office paperwork, and personnel management. In doing so, we reduce visit wait times and free you to see more patients.

Let us show you how we can free your practice from administrative burdens and unlock its full potential.

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Why Should I Join Appletree?

Flexible Schedule

Appletree physicians choose pace (full or part-time), format (in-clinic or virtual), and the location of their practice allowing them to reach their work/life balance ideals.

Supportive Environment

You’ll be supported by a well-trained and hard-working team looking after everything from recruitment, operational processes, to patients experience.


Our approach is focused on relieving you and your staff from administrative burdens so that your attention may stay on what matters most, caring for patients.

Practice Management Benefits

Practice Optimization

  • Most productive doctors in the sector
  • One of the Largest Family Health and Multi-Specialty Groups in Ontario
  • Greatest variety of managed health programs
  • Predictable, reduced costs
  • Practice in various formats (clinic, telemedicine, and virtual care)
  • Work seamlessly between clinic locations
  • Easy-to-use yet sophisticated digital tools for patient scheduling, histories, and charting
  • Group buying support
  • National contract revenue sharing
  • Opportunities to engage in research and real-world evidence studies

Operational Support & Working Environment

  • Practice with friendly and highly respected colleagues
  • High standard of care and commitment to best practices
  • Standardized business operations
  • Flexible hours, excellent work-life balance
  • Quiet, clean, and well-organized practice environment
  • Office administration and automation, including scanning, faxing, scheduling, lab, and diagnostic reporting
  • Patient adherence tools such as kiosk, online portal, and live online clinic wait times
  • Experienced, knowledgeable & committed staff
  • Coordinated marketing strategy and support

Business Growth Opportunities

  • Proven and established business model
  • High brand equity and awareness in key markets
  • Turn-key solution for new builds or clinic conversions
  • Comprehensive business training at AppletreeU
  • Coordinated physician recruitment
  • Established physician network
  • Scalable multi-location business model
  • International growth, practice, and teaching opportunities

Join Ontario’s Largest Healthcare Network

Appletree partners and colleagues include family physicians, specialists, and allied health practitioners from almost every field, each benefiting from the flexibility to set their own hours at any number of clinics within our network. Appletree practitioners enjoy working with trained staff and benefiting from a wide range of popular managed programs, allowing them to expand their practices to include occupational health, telemedicine, virtual care, diabetes management, and travel medicine, to name just a few.

Smooth Practice Transition

We know the decision to move a practice can be difficult, sometimes even emotional. Over the years, our experienced team has assisted and guided hundreds of physicians through the process, every step of the way.

We will work with you and your staff to establish a timeline, at a pace that you are comfortable with. Our goal is to make your transition to Appletree as smooth and stress-free as possible, for both you and your patients. In fact, many successfully transition to Appletree within days.

Whether you are looking for a fresh start, better work/life balance, or eventual retirement, Appletree can be a great home for your practice.

Meet The Doctors

Appletree physicians and specialists all share a passion for medicine and a desire to offer their patients the highest level of continuity of care.

Dr. Abhishek Raut

Dr. Abhishek Raut

Appletree Family Physician

Dr. Tim Bell

Dr. Tim Bell

Appletree Family Physician

What Our Doctors Have to Say

Dr. Singh

Dr. Singh is a family physician practicing in a busy suburban clinic. He has been practicing for 15 years and is frustrated by a growing number of administrative tasks, which distract him from his practice and eat into his daily productivity. His assistant is away on maternity leave and his receptionist is dealing with a family emergency, and he is left scrambling to find replacement coverage. His phone is ringing, his patients are waiting in the exam rooms, and he has just used the last of his exam table paper. His landlord arrives and wants to discuss increases to his office rent, while frustrated patients keep asking how much longer they must wait.

As a result, Dr. Singh doesn’t have time to complete his charts, which have been piling up on his desk, and on his floor, forcing him to stay late into the night throughout the week to complete them. The following week, he receives his financial statements from his accountant. Although he is working harder than ever before, he doesn’t seem to be getting any further ahead. At this point, he has resigned himself to the reality that what he is doing is mostly administrative work, not what he loves and is trained to do: practice medicine.

Dr. Singh reaches out to the Medical Affairs team at Appletree to learn more about their business model. After meeting with management, he schedules several trial shifts with Appletree. He is amazed at the clean, quite environment, and is welcomed by staff, who had already prepared and triaged his patients before he arrived. The sense of relief that he no longer had to worry about staffing, inventory, rent, missing paper charts, payroll, and the incessant ringing of the phone was a huge relief. His patients were consistently triaged by well-trained staff, his consult requests and callbacks were fully automated (and completed), and private payments were collected. He also found the EMR intuitive and easy to use.

Realizing that he should have made the move years earlier, Dr. Singh decides to transfer his practice. The experienced Medical Affairs team helps coordinate the transfer of his charts, and answers all of his questions. After several months, with an increase in income and better work/life balance, he takes a long overdue vacation knowing that he has the support of a whole group of family physicians and specialists, who will care for his patients (and his mail) until he returns.

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