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Freeing Your Practice From Administrative Burdens and the Hidden Opportunity Costs of Managing Them

The average physician has a total of 80,000 lifetime practice hours, and yet, only bills for 30-35,000 of them. This means that only 30-35,000 hours are actually spent with patients providing care. The rest is spent on administrative tasks, both during the day and afterwards. Imagine gaining back 30,000 hours of your professional life!

At Appletree, we focus on the administration allowing you to focus on your practice and your patients.  We’re passionate about enabling healthcare practitioners to provide better care, safely and more efficiently, through professionally managed group practices. For over a quarter-century, we have been refining, innovating and evolving our practice management model to provide our colleagues with a friendly, calm, and professional practice environment that maximizes their time practicing medicine, while reducing lost time due to administrative interruptions.

We successfully address the many administrative pain points that contribute to practice burnout, such as charting, scheduling, office paperwork and personnel management. In doing so, we reduce patient wait times and free you to see more patients.

We would be happy to meet with you to review and analyze your current practice, and to demonstrate how by working together we can enable you to reach your professional goals. Over the past decades, we have helped hundreds of happy doctors, at all stages of their careers, eliminate the administrative and operational burdens of their practices and clinics, while reducing practice risk, saving professional time and lowering costs.  Our doctors have found that it is easier and more enjoyable to practice medicine in a well-run office, that they don’t have to run.

Electronic Medical Record

State-of-the-art tools that benefit our patients and our teams

Our clinics leverage OntarioMD-certified electronic medical record software that allows you to type, dictate or handwrite your digital notes with ease and precision while accessing your charts from any location. Our A.I.-powered medical survey tools allow your patients to provide their full history, in their language of choice, in advance of their visit. This information is then automatically synthesized for you into an editable note or letter for completion and saved directly into the chart and CPP. This reduces double documentation and cuts charting time by 40% while ensuring a more accurate record.  Likewise, our integrated telemedicine tools allow our doctors to provide care to their patients in different formats, whether in person, by video visit, or by phone, with all records safely integrated into the EMR.

Appletree Telemedicine Ontario

Ontario’s Largest Community Healthcare Network

Our colleagues include family physicians, specialists and allied health practitioners from almost every field, each with the flexibility to set their own hours at any number of clinics within our network. In particular, practitioners at Appletree enjoy working with highly trained staff and benefiting from a wide range of popular managed programs, allowing them to expand their practices to include Occupational Health, Telemedicine, Virtual Care, Diabetes Management, and Travel Medicine, to name just a few.

Key Appletree Practice Benefits

Practice Optimization and Growth

  • Physician-Patient relationship at the center of our model; Physicians have full practice autonomy
  • The largest network of digitally connected providers for continuity of care
  • The greatest variety of managed health programs
  • Predictable enhanced income and time savings
  • Practice the way you want: appointment-based, walk-in, blended, plus optional Telemedicine and Virtual Care
  • Work seamlessly between different clinic locations, allowing for different case-mixes or part-time formats
  • Easy-to-use yet sophisticated digital tools for patient scheduling, histories, and charting
  • National contract revenue sharing and significant non-OHIP revenue sharing
  • Research and real-world evidence study participation

Operational Support and Environment

  • Practice in a collegial and supportive environment
  • High standard of care and commitment to best practices
  • Standardized business operations
  • Flexible hours and excellent work-life balance
  • Quiet, clean, and well-organized practice environment
  • Back office administration and automation, including scanning, faxing, scheduling, lab and diagnostic reporting
  • Leading patient engagement tools such as a kiosk, online portal, remote check-in, and clinic wait time tracker
  • University educated and Appletree U-trained and tested clinic staff
  • Coordinated marketing strategy and support
  • Preventive Care callback programs completed automatically for your patients to ensure better outcomes

Business Growth Opportunities

  • Proven and established business model
  • High brand equity and awareness in key markets
  • Turn-key solution for new builds or clinic conversions
  • Comprehensive business training at AppletreeU
  • Coordinated physician recruitment
  • Established physician network
  • A fully scalable multi-location business model
  • International growth, practice and teaching opportunities

Case Studies

Dr. Singh, Family Physician, 15 years of experience.

Dr. Singh is a family physician practicing in a busy suburban clinic. He has been practicing for 15 years and is frustrated by a growing number of administrative tasks, which distract him from his practice and eat into his daily productivity. His assistant is away on maternity leave and his receptionist is dealing with a family emergency, and he is left scrambling to find replacement coverage. His phone is ringing, his patients are waiting in the exam rooms, and he has just used the last of his exam table paper. His landlord arrives and wants to discuss increases to his office rent, while frustrated patients keep asking how much longer they must wait.

As a result, Dr. Singh doesn’t have time to complete his charts, which have been piling up on his desk, and on his floor, forcing him to stay late into the night throughout the week to complete them. The following week, he receives his financial statements from his accountant. Although he is working harder than ever before, he doesn’t seem to be getting any further ahead. At this point, he has resigned himself to the reality that what he is doing is mostly administrative work, not what he loves and is trained to do: practice medicine.

Dr. Singh reaches out to the Medical Affairs team at Appletree to learn more about their business model. After meeting with management, he schedules several trial shifts with Appletree. He is amazed at the clean, quiet environment, and is welcomed with a coffee by staff, who have already prepared and triaged his patients before he had arrived. The sense of relief that he no longer had to worry about staffing, inventory, rent, missing paper charts, payroll, and the incessant ringing of the phone was a huge relief. His patients were consistently triaged by well-trained staff, his consult requests and callbacks were fully automated (and completed), and private payments were collected. He also found the EMR intuitive and easy to use.

Realizing that he should have made the move years earlier, Dr. Singh decides to move his practice to an Appletree. The experienced Medical Affairs team helps coordinate the closedown of his office, the transfer of his charts, the notification of all patients based on his personal instructions and plans for his practice. After several months, with an increase in income and better work/life balance, he takes a long overdue vacation knowing that he has the support of a whole group of family physicians and specialists, who will care for his patients (and his mail) until he returns.

Many colleagues, like Dr. Singh, either want to retire but ensure continuity of care for their patients, want to slow down, want to take more vacations and have more options in the future, or want to continue what they are currently doing medically, but outsource the headache of administration.  Every doctor is unique, and we base our work on their individual plans to ensure they achieve their goals.

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