General Surgery

What is General Surgery?

A General Surgeon is a specialist who is trained in surgical practice. Complex surgeries are performed mostly in a hospital, or a specialized care centre. Many minor surgeries can be performed in the community with very little risk.

What can be treated at Appletree?

At Appletree Medical Group in Ottawa, we have 4 General Surgeons who perform minor surgeries as well as diagnose conditions that will need surgical care in the hospital. Minor surgeries include the removal of lumps and bumps, cysts, moles, as well as procedures that are breast tissue specific. Also treated in our Centres are hemorrhoids, and other anorectal conditions.

How can I access this service?

To see one of our General Surgeons, you must have a referral from your family doctor.

Appletree General Surgeons

Dr. Philip Barron

General Surgeon

Dr. Paul Irwin

General Surgeon

Get A Referral For Specialty Care

To book a consultation with an Appletree specialist, you must first obtain a referral from your family doctors or from any physician practicing for Appletree.

Appletree Medical Centre

You can visit any Appletree Medical Centre to meet with one of our doctors via a walk-in visit to discuss your medical concerns and receive a referral to meet with an Appletree specialist.


Virtual Care

You can book a Virtual Care appointment with any of our doctors to discuss your medical concerns and receive a referral to meet with an Appletree specialist.  If you already have a referral, you can also book a video or phone appointment with some of our specialists.


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