Specialty Medicine

Appletree Offers a Large Number of Specialist Services

When you have a condition that requires the medical expertise of a specialist such as a cardiologist, dermatologist, neurologist or orthopaedic surgeon, a family physician may refer you to a medical specialist who is an expert in their field. The specialist can provide a consultation or diagnosis, as well as treat you. If you would like to see a specialist, speak to a family physician about obtaining a referral.

Appletree Specialty Care

Book An Appointment with a Specialist

There are multiple ways for your to connect with an Appletree physician and inquire or get the referral you need to see a specialist. Whether you choose to visit us at one of our Appletree Medical Centre, or from the comfort of your home through Virtual Care, you'll get quality medical care and access to our network of experienced specialists.

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From your home, office or neighbourhood, there’s an Appletree doctor available to provide medical care.