Workplace Health

We Are Focused on Improving Your Employees’ Health

When you care for your employees, they care about your business. Appletree can serve your organization in 3 key areas:

  • Providing our clients, and their employees, the most choice when accessing medical care, including the greatest number of facilities and the largest coordinated network of providers in Ontario.
  • The broadest range of access options, from in-person care, to on-demand virtual care.
  • On-site, or near-site, clinical services options.

When you require rapid access to excellent care, we have all of your needs covered. We offer a full spectrum of workplace health services, allowing you to select the specific services that are important to you, while knowing that you can access any additional services as, and when, needed.

Please review our list of services and contact us if you are looking for ways to improve your employees’ engagement and health. We look forward to speaking with you and understanding your needs, to determine how we can be of service to you and your organization.

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When you care for your employees, they care about your business.


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Healthcare that fits your life

From your home, office or neighborhood, there’s an Appletree doctor available to provide medical care.